Monday, December 1, 2008

Ti Hua Chang from Channel 9 News resports on Chatham Square today

Ti Hua Chang interviewed members of CCRC as well as business owners and residents about Chatham Square's proposed reconstruction.
The entire segment airs tonite Dec. 1st 08 at 10:pm on Channel 9 news, and will be accessible from the Channel 9 News website.


MyChinatown said...

Ti Hua is looking out for the Chinatown community by letting the public know that this is just an awful time to start a major construction project at Chatham Square - during a recession!!!

Thanks, Ti Hua, for getting the word out!!

Anonymous said...

Ti Hua Chang and Channel 9 news were the first TV network to cover the Chatham Square reconstruction story just hours before the hearing that sparked so much controversy in Chinatown. Ti Hua, in his full report on My 9 News captured the emotions of local businesses, and tied in the effects of repeated negative events that hinder Chinatown's recovery. Great job !