Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dept. of Environmental Protection dodges investigative reporters

Turns out the FBI is investigating the D.E.P. for outrageous overtime billing. DEP rec's about $20 million a year of homeland security money. DEP's own whistle blowers are calling for the investigation since big wigs in the agency are racking up as much as $192,000.00 a year for sitting home doing nothing.

hhhmm... D.E.P. is funding some of the Chatham Square reconstruction.
Let's wait a while until the FBI sorts out just where all that money is going before we let them work on this 3+ year pork barrel project called Chatham Square reconstruction.

The DEP owns 500+ cars which DEP employees are allowed to COMMUTE to work with! IF vehicular congestion is an issue in NYC, and if pollution is an issue in NYC, then CCRC says "get rid of those cars - DEP can commute to work just like the rest of NY'ers".

Here is the link to the myfox New York piece.

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