Sunday, June 14, 2009

Remember Fast-Fleet? - D.O.T. - you promised......

Councilmembers John Liu and Alan J. Gerson provided a Town Hall to discuss transportation related issues in May 2009.   At that meeting,  Civic Center Residents Coalition member Jan Lee asked the D.O.T. Lower Manhattan Commissioner, Luis Sanchez, whether the City will be adopting Fast-Fleet zip car technology to its fleet of government vehicles.

Fast-fleet zip car technology is a fully transparent computer regulated car sharing program designed for municipalities to control and monitor the usage of the government vehicle fleet.

Washington D.C. has made the switch to fast-fleet and immediately reduced its fleet and is projected to save millions of dollars while reducing carbon emissions and saving on maintenance of its fleet. They have also provided many more public parking spaces by reducing its fleet.

Luis Sanchez, the lower Manhattan commissioner of transportation, explained that "the D.O.T. will be working on a "pilot program" in its own department, and based on the data may or may not adopt the technology for the entire City fleet."

The Civic Center Residents Coalition witnessing first hand the extraordinarily close relationship Transportation Alternatives ( a bicycle advocacy group) has with the Department of Transportation and Commissioner Janette Sadik Khan, sent a letter to Transportation Alternatives requesting they use their relationship to encourage the D.O.T. to adopt Fast-Fleet. Both CCRC and Trans. Alt. have worked hard to REDUCE government employees abusing their parking privileges throughout the City by documenting the offenders and drawing copious media coverage.

The Department of Transportation and Transportation Alternatives have not followed up on the idea of Fast-Fleet zip car technology.  Wiley Norville, Communications Director of Transportation Alternatives has not replied to CCRC's open letter requesting they support Fast-Fleet.

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