Saturday, June 27, 2009

Public Advocate candidate Norman Siegel coming to Chinatown for a meet and greet on the street

ON MONDAY JUNE 29th at 5:pm

Norman Siegel will be meeting Chinatown residents and business people face to face at a sidewalk
"meet and greet " to hear from NY'ers in the Chinatown and Lower East Side communities.

We have a chance to see the future public advocate in action, hearing our concerns, providing solutions, and educating us about the Public Advocate's purpose in City Government.

Norman will be on hand to be explain the role of the public advocate and how he plans to place volunteer public advocates into each community in NYC to report to the Public Advocate the concerns and complaints of the people.

The Public Advocate is responsible for reporting the failure of any City agency or official to comply with the New York City Charter.

The office also monitors the effectiveness of the City's public information and education efforts about citywide initiatives.

The Public Advocate presides at meetings of the City Council and is a member of all Council committees.

He/she also has the power to introduce legislation.

Please come and meet Norman Siegel and share your thoughts and concerns about the Chinatown and Lower East Side community!!

PLACE: Columbus Park (in the heart of Chinatown) 10013
Corner of Mulberry and Bayard (on Mulberry) on the sidewalk
Time: 5:pm

rain location: In front of 19 Mott St. NYC 10013

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