Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Daily News reporter labels Chinatown Grassroots protesters of the 9/11 terror trials "chickens"

Shame on The Daily News for allowing their columnist Patrice O'Shaughnessy  to publish her article labeling The Civic Center Residents , the neighbors of the Moynihan Court House, and the entire Chinatown community as "chickens" for protesting against the decision to have the terror trials in Chinatown.

"A flock of feral hens and a rooster in the Bronx made the headlines last week for their hardiness, roaming the streets of Highbridge.The persevering poultry could teach a thing or two about resilience to chickens throughout the city."
CCRC: Ms. O'Shaughnessy herself should take a cue about the resilience of Chinatown residents and its businesses. By now she should be aware that its the resilience of its residents and business owners that fueled the fight that turned its local politicians around from their decisions about the 9/11 trials.  We're amazed that Ms. O'Shaughnessy is a "columnist" given her lack of research abilities and blatant ignorance. Perhaps if she removed herself from behind her keyboard and actually met someone from Chinatown she would understand the character and fierceness of its residents who stood strong during the months and years following the attacks of 9/11/01 a mere 14 blocks away.
"The chickens were clucking that the area around the courthouse and financial district would be turned into an armed camp." 

CCRC: Ms. O'Shaughnessy belittles the residents and activsts who heard the security plans straight from the Police Commissioner and, understanding what was to come, spread the news about the possible 3- year lock down condition, so reminiscent of 9/11/01 and the months after in Chinatown. Ms. O'Shaughnessy obviously doesn't live in the area surrounding ground zero, or in Chinatown, and sadly lacks the ability to empathize with those who experienced 9/11 first hand. Having lived in an "armed camp" during the months and years following 9/11 Chinatown understands exactly what that experience is like,    Only an ignorant idealogue wears blinders while name calling from behind a keyboard, now THAT is a chicken.

"The chickens' alarm was fueled by real estate bigwigs who got wind there would be inconvenience, and they might lose business."

CCRC: The alarm from the residents (lion hearted and fierce and hardly chickens) was fueled not only from the possible loss in real estate value (which anyone who owns property and pays real estate TAXES to NYC has a right to fear) , but the reality of psychological trauma from prolonged lock down conditions, and the unnatural presence of Hercules and Atlas special forces teams in their neighborhood. The legitimate alarm felt by residents and business owners in Chinatown stemmed from a first hand knowledge of what it was like to try to exist in an environment while living under extreme security measures. Ms. O'Shaughnessy's really showing her profound ignorance when she reduces 2000 barricades, sharp shooters on rooftops next to schools and churches, bag and body searches of residents, loss of car parking for three years, and the possibility of increased emergency response times as "inconvenience" to Chinatown.

"But the chickens had been incessantly fed the notion that the city would somehow become more of a target than it is already, serving as the bull's eye for Islamic jihadists from the day they leave the cradle."

CCRC: Again Ms. O'Shaughnessy hides behind the keyboard and smacks out her rhetoric safely ensconced in her bubble of ignorance because she is not living in between the Manhattan Correctional Facility ,on the already-closed Park Row , where Kalid Sheik Mohammed would be incarcerated while awaiting trial, and the Moynihan Court house where he and four other terrorist suspects would be tried. It is not her children would who lose the use of their neighborhood park, and it's not her family who be "inconvenienced" (by being patted down and having their bags and ritual offerings searched) at their weakest moment - while attending traditional Chinese funerals across the street from the Moynihan Court house in any of the three funeral parlors on Mulberry St. 

It sounds as though the only one being "fed" something is Ms. O'Shaughnessy and that something is her own special brand of ignorance, racism, and self righteousness. Had Ms. O'Shaughnessy actually met the real life people who came out in subfreezing temperatures, took vacation days to attend protest rallies, wrote letters, and lobbied politicians she might understand just how profoundly stupid she is for writing this drivel that the Daily News chose to print.

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