Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chatham Green Co-op complex on the Terror Trials - Board Of Directors - Rich Scorce

Appeared in Downtown Express, Letters to the Editors, February 2010

“Trial’s a Goner”
That was the headline on the NY Daily News that got my attention. While I am a doubting Thomas and will believe it when I see it, I think some kudos are in order for the GRASSROOTS movement that got this issue to the forefront.

We are grateful to the members of the Civic Center Residents Coalition (CCRC) who have been at the forefront on this issue (along with re opening Park Row & fighting the Chatham Square Reconstruction Project.)

They organized, got the issue before Community Board 1, lobbied, brought in the Chinatown business community & local leaders, and kept the issue in the press. Only after the local politicians, who blindly supported the Obama decision to hold the trial here, saw the tide turning did they reevalutate their positions.

Now we have our “brave” local politicos coming out of the woodwork trampling over each other to get some of the credit. The writing on the wall and the result of the Massachusetts election is what really spurred them to rethink their positions. The same thing can and will happen in NY if they do not represent their constituents.

Don't take our votes for granted!
Again, much thanks to the CCRC for leading the effort to prevent our neighborhood from being under siege by police, press, demonstrators and assorted mayhem.

Rich Scorce
Board Member, Chatham Green

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PJ Kim said...

Congrats to the CCRC for scoring a victory for the entire Lower Manhattan Community!