Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Park" no more! - Commissioner responds to Parks Department vehicles on sidewalks surrounding Columbus Park in Chinatown

Columbus Park is a safer place thanks to the attention of NYC Parks Department Commissioner Adrian Benepe. Over a month ago, the Civic Center Residents Coalition reported objections to the Parks Department using the sidewalks surrounding Columbus Park as their parking area. This unsafe condition sent the wrong message to the community.

Commissioner Adrian Benepe has sent a letter acknowledging the problem of unsafe parking. He informs us that the condition has been rectified and that his staff has been instructed not to park on the sidewalks any longer.

The Chinatown community is grateful for this acknowledgment and improvement. The removal of vehicles from the sidewalks around Columbus Park could not have been achieved without traffic enforcement by the NYPD. For days, the NYPD patrolled the area to ensure there was sufficient curbside parking for the Parks Department garbage truck and towed away persistent violators of parking rules.

We are hoping the Park's staff will be able to plant trees in the vacant tree pits at Worth and Baxter Streets, as well as Worth and Mulberry.

The Civic Center Residents Coalition remains committed to pedestrian safety issues in and around Chinatown. And through the efforts and cooperation of the NYC Parks Department Commissioner we have achieved a safer park experience.

Thank you Commissioner Adrian Benepe.

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