Saturday, November 14, 2009


Now we can stop scratching our heads over why President Obama gave only a perfunctory nod to Bill Thompson's mayoral bid. In January 2009, Obama announced a major policy decision to dismantle Guantanamo Bay within a year and route prisoners to the U.S. for holding and trials.

Republican senators, particularly in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kansas mobilized to denounce the routing of prisoners to their home states and making their areas international targets. With the clock ticking on which community would accept these prisoners, the Obama administration made a backdoor deal with the Bloomberg administration over the spring and summer, preparing the way for the Mastermind of 9/11's trial in Manhattan.

Hence the lukewarm support for Thompson during the mayoral campaign as Bloomberg likely promised that if he was re-elected, he would help Obama bring in the terrorists.

In return, on October 4, Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly announced a new $24 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security to enlarge the “ring of steel” around lower Manhattan to include midtown. Perhaps more Obama stimulas dollars for the city? Or a larger share of the $42.8 billion that the U.S House of Representatives voted for the Homeland Security Department as part of the bill allowing foreign terrorism suspects from Guantanamo Bay into the U.S for trial?

Surely the trials will boost Bloomberg and Kelly’s international profiles and egos in what is being billed as “the trial of the century.

Now just weeks after his election win, Bloomberg keeps his word and ushers in the terrorists. Nowhere in Friday's frenzied reporting did anyone ask the Lower Manhattan community if they want these international terrorist trials held in front of our doors?

Yet heartless elected officials are putting a community already terrorized by 9/11 in further jeopardy. Around Chinatown and the Civic Center where Kelly has already proclaimed us 9/11 collateral residents, the "ring of steel" is rapidly turning into a "noose of security."

Can you imagine how concerned they all were when Thompson announced during the mayoral debates that he would replace Kelly if elected? Kelly would miss the opportunity to use our streets as a magnet to test his"ring of steel" against mad terrorists.

One really has to question WHO the true mad men are here? Unless YOU want the trials in front of your own front doors, SHUT UP about putting downtowners' homes, schools, park and neighborhoods at increased risk of terrorist attack! Keep the trials OUT OF MANHATTAN!

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