Sunday, November 30, 2008

D.O.T not acting responsibly, what else is new?

I was at a meeting recently in Chinatown with a presentation on the Chatham Square reconfiguration done by two gentlemen - one rep from the Mayor's office, and another rep from the D.O.T. The Chinese press were at the meeting in full force with video cameras, several reporters, etc., all there to cover this important story about the Reconfiguration of Chatham Square.

After the presentation/meeting, I found out that a local downtown reporter (non-Chinese) was denied access to the meeting by the D.O.T.!!! This leads one to question why the D.O.T. would not want any publicity regarding the Chatham Square reconfiguration in any of the NYC English language newspapers. Aside from the racist connotation of this act committed by the D.O.T. - denying regular English language NYC press, but allowing Chinese language media and press - I want to know: What is the D.O.T. covering up here?

Addendum: Everyone found out what the D.O.T. was covering up - I attended a "public hearing" organized by Community Boards 1, 2 and 3 on Tuesday 12/2/2008 the following week: Luis Sanchez of the D.O.T. stated (to paraphrase) "We're going to start this contruction on schedule." This was not a public hearing but an announcement by the D.O.T. that this horrendous 3-year construction project was ready to start on time - without adequate community notice and feedback or input!!

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