Friday, June 10, 2011

Video of June 9th Protest Rally Against The Proposed Chinatown BID

Video by George Lou, Chinatown resident

We'd like to thank George for donating his time to document this historic event, thanks George!

This is a quote from Wellington Chen, Exec. Dir. of Chinatown Partnership LDC in an attempt to diminish the efforts of hardworking tax-paying property owners in Chinatown who have to work against his world-class lobbyist in order to be heard:

"Chen believes Chinatown is at a crossroads. It has the choice of rallying around a BID, of keeping the streets clean and of protecting the neighborhood for decades to come. Or, he said, the community can remain divided and it can forfeit the chance for self-improvement for many years.

“Who in their right mind would try to try this again?” he asked.

He told me opponents of the BID are loud and skilled at the game of media manipulation, but that they represent a tiny constituency." from

Who are the ones really in charge of media manipulation? The community who is out on the street or the CPLDC who hires professional lobbyists who work for Real Estate Developers?

Real Estate:

Bizzi & Partners
The Setai Fifth Avenue
Brown Harris Stevens
Capstone Equities
Nest Seekers International
Halstead Property
Prodigy International
Estates at Alpine
Concierge Auctions
Swig Equities
366 Fifth Avenue/Joseph P. Day
Gal Nauer/”The Plaza Unveiled”
Corigin Holdings
Lisa Lippman
Paula DelNunzio
Madison International Realty
Century Properties, Inc.
Clipper Equity
The Galleria Group
Keller Williams NYC
Morris Adjmi Architects


Anonymous said...

Superb video by George Lou!!! Finally the truth gets shouted loud and clear!! Chinatown Partnership says they have 97% approval for the Business Improvement District - That is an outright LIE!!! I dare them to show their books!! The strong outrage of property owners against the BID grows everyday, especially when they see the political tactics of Margaret Chin exposed!!

Anonymous said...

Margaret Chin ran for City Council as a supporter of affordable housing - The Business Improvement District proposal is headed in the exact opposite direction, PERMANENTLY raising living costs for the people who can least afford it. New BID taxes would PERMANENTLY cause landlords to pass the extra costs to small businesses and tenants.

TO: Ms. Chin, you are completely out of touch with Chinatown, its residents and its small businesses.

Anonymous said...

Pro-BID people hired a big public relations firm, eh? And Margaret Chin is "okay" with that, eh?! Everyone needs to remind Councilmember Chin that it's her JOB to HEAR AND VIEW BOTH SIDES of an issue that detrimentally affects her constituents, especially small businesses, and not support the hiring of a PR firm to quelch the voice of strong and very enthusiastic opposition to her ethically inappropriate and political choice. Very, very sad to say - Margaret Chin has totally forgotten her political roots!!

Anonymous said...

It's utterly shameful that Councilmember Margaret Chin would tax those of her constituents that can least afford it - small businesses, especially during a time of prolonged recession. Chin's BID will also wreck the future of affordable housing in Chinatown FOREVER - THIS IS A PERMANENT TAX and ever increasing TAX that Margaret Chin wants.