Monday, June 13, 2011

Bees take over a lamp post on Mott St. - no apparent threat to people

Thousands of bees on a lamp post in front of Lin Sing Association

Bees made a lamp post on Mott St. their home today. A huge crowd was gathered across the street from Lin Sing Association where they stood gawking up at the lamp post.  The NYPD has a special bee keeper who will be on site to remove the hive. At 5:pm Mott street was being closed off to vehicular traffic.
NYPD closed off Mott St. to vehicles at 5:pm today awaiting the NYPD bee keeper.
The bees will be relocated.
 Crowd watching the removal of the bee colony 6:15pm

Professional personnel removing the colony (see the bees swarming over head)

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That's exciting, but I wouldn't like being there with such a number of bees.