Thursday, January 21, 2010

Community Board 1 passes a resolution to explore moving the terrorist trials to Governor's island

A major hurdle was overcome in moving the terrorist trials out of Chinatown last evening.
CB1 Chair Julie Menin urged her Board to vote in favor of a resolution to move the terrorist trials away from Chinatown and over to Governor's Island, a secure sight with no residents and 127 acres of park land.

From  :  " At the end of the night, the board, led by chair by Julie Menin, passed a strongly-worded resolution addressed to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder specifically requesting that the trial be moved to Governors Island, if not out of Manhattan entirely.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, speaking at a New York Press Club event on Tuesday, said the security measures are necessary during the trials, which are expected to last several years.

"We are very much aware of and sensitive to … the challenges that present itself for the Chinatown community," Kelly told DNAinfo.  "We simply have no other choice."

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