Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Chinatown B.I.D. will tax Property Owners and Businesses to clean up The City's Property !!!!

" The BID will clean the sidewalks in front of the parks, as it will clean all the sidewalks, including those in front of schools, churches, government buildings and your home and place of business."  - David J. Louie, Chinatown BID steering committee - Chairman Chinatown Chamber of Commerce

Hundreds of hours will be billed to Chinatown property owners and businesses to clean up NYC's government and public spaces if a Chinatown B.I.D. is passed in City Council.

  • The CPLDC has quietly, very quietly added these properties to their service area. Not one piece of 56,0000 mailed "outreach" materials explains that Chinatown Businesses will be paying to keep City property clear of litter. Talk about triple taxation. 
  • How many hours will BID workers spend cleaning in front of government owned property? 
  • Non Profit organizations don't own brooms and dustpans? Aren't BIDs supposed to be failsafes against free loaders? Last we checked NYC school budgets come from NYC Taxes - so does the school janitor's salary.
  • Why arent' the public buildings cleaned by the BID pointed out in the BID literature?

Since they don't tell you all facts associated with the Chinatown BID, we will:

There's quite a number of city-owned government properties that the community will have to pay to maintain the blocks. They include:

  • Columbus Park (which was promised to be removed by CPLDC, yet remains in the BID)
  • Roosevelt Park
  • DCAS building at 125 Walker Street (between Centre & Baxter Street)
  • Former school at 70 Mulberry Street
  • Police Department at 19 Elizabeth Street
  • Federal parking garage at 137-145 Lafayette Street
  • School at 145 Baxter Street
  • School at 137 Baxter Street
  • DEP at 57 Monroe Street
  • DEP at 144 Madison Street
  • DOT at 127 Madison Street
  • Sanitation at 72 Henry Street
  • DEP at 141 Madison Street
  • School playground at 34 Catherine Street
  • School at 2 Henry Street
  • New York Public Library at 33 East Broadway
  • Park at 10 Market Street
  • DOT at 87 East Broadway
  • DOT at 85 East Broadway
  • City of NY Building at 88 East Broadway
  • Post Office at 128 East Broadway
  • Fire Department at 75-79 Canal Street
  • IS 131 at 36 Forsyth Street
  • NYCHA housing (Seward Park Extension) at 45 Allen Street
  • DCAS at 117 Chrystie Street
  • Fire Department at 363 Broome Street
  • DEP at 142-148 Grand Street
  • And finally the Louis J. Lefkowitz Building at 141 Worth St. (the ENTIRE SQUARE BLOCK!) which is now the City's marriage Bureau, formerly the motor vehicles building.
City owned properties and all houses of worship are BID tax exempt. Also Asian Americans For Equality's office at 109 Division Street is BID tax exempt. Asian Americans For Equality is lead agency in support and creation of a Chinatown B.I.D. for well over a decade. Councilmember Margaret Chin is a principal at Asian Americans For Equality as a founding member. According to The Chinatown Partnership Local Development Corp. (also founded by Councilmember Margaret Chin) IRS 990 filings for fiscal year 7/1/06 to 6/30/07  $71,508.00 was paid to Asian Americans For Equality from The Chinatown Partnership LDC.

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