Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Property Owners in the BID district must fill out this form to object to the Chinatown BID

Unfortunately there exist many obstacles for property owners and businesses who do not wish to be in a Chinatown Business Improvement District.

There is a deadline for the objection forms to be filed which is
June 25th 2011.

Under city law those wishing to object to the formation of a Business Improvement District must first obtain an official form at the City Clerk's office. Then property owners must get the signature notorized and then provide a copy of the deed for EACH property they own.
Although only property owner's forms are counted in the official vote, businesses are also welcome to object as this makes a clear statement to the City Council that indeed Chinatown businesses do not want a BID in their neighborhood.
If 51% or more of the properties in the BID district object to the BID, it will not happen.
Previous to this posting there is no convenient way for property and business owners to obtain the only official objection form recognized by the City Clerk of New York.

Well, with the help of volunteers we've gotten the proper form and made it available for anyone wishing to object to the Chinatown BID can PRINT OR DOWNLOAD (down arrow) either the English or Chinese form BELOW by clicking the button to the far right below the form

Only the ENGLISH VERSION may be submitted to the City Clerk's office.

This is the form translated in to Chinese, which also didn't exist until volunteers in the community took it upon themselves to do.

THIS IS FOR REFERENCE ONLY !!! Only the ENGLISH version of this will be accepted by the City Clerk !!!! DO NOT SEND IN THE CHINESE VERSION - ONLY THE ENGLISH ONE IS ACCEPTED.

for more information Jan Lee: 917-710-7503
Stephen Cheung (Chinese and English language) 718- 961-1272

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Geoff Lee said...

I would be glad to notarize any forms for the purpose of objecting to the BID, contact: Geoff Lee