Sunday, July 25, 2010

Resistance to a Chinatown B.I.D. Website

 Coalition Against the Chinatown B.I.D. launches a website

A comment to this posting worthy of response:
"it's unfortunate they see this as a waste of money, keeping their own neighborhood clean. at the end of the day, the community is your own. yes, it cost 1000. but do they know what kind of imagine chinatown gives off to people outside of nyc and new yorkers themselves? i always dread going there, i used to go there for dentist, doctors, haircuts, dining out. now? forget about it. it's also the last place i'd bring my friends to. i don't see how investing this 1,000 a year can do them harm. " Nana

In response to "Nana" :
Firstly ,on the subject of "waste", let's define what has been wasted so far by the Chinatown Partnership Local Development Corp. whose #1 goal was to clean Chinatown.
Exec. Dir. Salary for 3.5 years : $ 458,000.00 and counting  - the majority of people in Chinatown feel THAT was a waste of 9/11 grant money from the LMDC, since CPLDC has only 3 staff members, and a cleaning crew of 10. 

Nana , If you are disappointed by the image Chinatown has, then you are as disappointed as we are with the poor quality of cleaning provided by "Block by Block" the FOR-profit company that CPLDC hired to clean Chinatown, portions of SoHo, Tribeca, and L.E.S. 
Since you "dread" Chinatown, then please continue to avoid our neighborhood, with your attitude, we don't miss you.

If you don't wish to bring your friends to Chinatown, then you clearly would agree that $7.2 million dollars for a street cleaning program and promotional campaign controlled by CPLDC has FAILED miserably.

Given that failure of the CPLDC, the progenitor of the Business improvement District, why would $1000.00 seem like a "good idea" to you?  As a matter of fact, where did you get this fixed amount of $1000.00 anyway? hhhmmm.....

Did you know a tax deductible donation to a local non-profit (NON-profit!) of only $30.00 per building per month would take care of cleaning both the streets and sidewalks of Chinatown as it does for SoHo? WITHOUT A Business Improvement District controlled by the Chinatown Partnership's Board of Directors.  
$30.00 per building, per month is fixed, which is different from a B.I.D. - which has the potential to increase, and increase, and increase its tax assessment.  
something tells us you didn't actually READ   

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