Monday, August 17, 2009

"Recycling" should not extend to the NYC Mayor's office - Sometimes NEW is better

RECYCLING fanatic Dallas Boesendahl has a bone to pick with Mayor Bloomberg. At the recent East Hampton Antiques Show benefiting the East Hampton Historical Society, the antiques dealer was offering customers like Beth Rudin DeWoody and Jane Holzer a choice of used shopping bags from Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Saks and Cartier to carry home their precious finds. The conversation went from recycling to junk mail and Bloomberg's campaign pamphlets that are cramming everyone's mailboxes. Boesendahl says he tried and failed to get his name removed from Hizzoner's mailing list. One Hamptons socialite suggested they hire a garbage truck and gather several tons of the discarded Bloomberg mailings and dump them in front of his townhouse. "Then he might get the point," she said. A Bloomberg campaign spokeswoman said, "It's all recyclable mail, so once they're done hanging the mayor's report card on schools on their fridge, they can toss it in the recycling bin." - FROM NY POST

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